Tuesday, July 21, 2015

New Endeavors

I have the crafting bug right now. I want to craft all the things. As you know, I love to knit. 

I also like to crochet and tat. 

My 'cousin' in Canada is an avid and experienced quilter and she has now given me the quilting bug. I have bought some of her bags for my knitting projects and they are so wonderful! It got me to thinking maybe I could make my own. 

Sure enough I can but she makes it look easy. I sewed my very first zipper and now I'm doing it like there's no tomorrow! 

I also made some pincushions filled with crushed walnuts. 

Anyway, I have found the first 2 patterns for quilts that I want to try:

1) Fancy Fox by Elizabeth Hartman (this particular one made by my 'cousin')

2) Feather Bed Quilt by Anna Maria Horner
Or perhaps I will do a combination of the two? Let's just say I need a holiday to craft!! (Also, any quilting tips appreciated!)

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