Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It is the middle of May in Arkansas and it was 49 degrees and SO foggy at 1:30pm on the top of Mt Magazine. It got worse, but there were no pretty trees to photo at that point. 

I know it's almost summer time, but I just got to go to the AR Yarn Extravaganza Spring Retreat in Mt Magazine to listen to Amy Herzog teach us how to knit sweaters to flatter ourselves (or anyone). Up to now I have been very hesitant to try a sweater because I was afraid I would mess it up or it wouldn't fit and that would be too disappointing (not to mention all the time and money that went into knitting it up).

Amy gave us so much ammo to knit up ANY garment to fit us. She told us about her website, Custom Fit, where you plug in your measurements, your swatch info and you can design your own pattern or any pattern you love. I am very excited to get my yarn and swatch it up!
Speaking of swatches, these are typical swatches for Amy- this is going to take foreva!

But, hey, if the swatch makes a difference, I am all for it! I ordered my yarn, then I will knit up a giant swatch (and soak/block it) and get my measurements then I'm off to the races on a basic sweater off of the Custom Fit website. I am going basic for my first one until I get the feel for it. I will keep you updated.