Monday, May 9, 2011


I don't know if happy should go in front of Monday. It doesn't fit. It's like putting healthy in front of cheesecake. Doesn't work for me. If I want cheesecake, it better be GOOD, not healthy (unless you can make it healthy AND good, then I'm in- but just don't tell me it's healthy). Sure, Mondays are a new fresh start to the week and diets and all those promises we make and fail at each week. Mondays are great for starting over. But they suck if you have to go to work- who needs to start over there? It's just going to be like last week, or worse, so why think of it as a new fresh start? And, while you are at work, you don't get to enjoy the sunshine, the flowers and strawberries growing on your front deck, the kitty sleeping in the sun, or riding your new bike on a trail. I would really rather be doing that and feeling like it was a new fresh beginning. Maybe join in on the cat nap in the sun. Instead, I am going back on my diet, going to work, and will start the rat-race for this week anew. Monday. Join me?