Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wabi-Sabi Wednesday

Well, this week I am going to veer off wabi-sabi and just talk about decorating.  I have started remodeling my house (and it is such a SLOW process). We started in the living room, and are working back into the kitchen. Once this is done we will tackle the master bedroom and bath (but that is much later down the line). 

So, back to the living room.  I have a sofa picked out and chairs and even a paint color (gray family). The problem is the rug. We want modern style but I am having a hard time finding anything I like to match the style and colors. Do you have any good ideas?  Here are some pics of what I have so far.


-The chair I wanted-

-The chair I am getting for now-

-the other chair I am getting-

-the rugs-

(I think I like the circle one best so far)
So as you can see, I need help. I have a big built-in for books, TV and components that is light gray. I have my books color coordinated in it (yes, really) and I love it. We have wainscoting on the bottom half of the walls that is coming off and we will texture like we did the top then prime and paint. The ceiling also has to be re-painted. It matches the green we currently have on the walls and clashes with the cooler grays we are putting in. As far as colors go, I have gray (obviously), black/white. Those are the main colors.  I want to have pops of red- the real red- not burgundy, yellow, orange and blue- the bright turquoise one. The style is modern. 

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