Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone!  I have been utilizing my lunch breaks to listen to podcasts this last week and have really been enjoying myself. The one I have been getting a kick out of is called Electric Sheep. That's right. Electric Sheep. Guess what it is about. No, silly. It is about knitting. I know it sounds really boring, but it is a woman from England (Hoxton) so she has a great accent to begin with and she has various subjects each week and also reviews patterns, yarn, etc for knitting. She adds humor and a great deal of history to her podcasts, which I enjoy. The first one I heard was about tea. As you can imagine the English take their tea seriously and it is a cure-all. The last one I heard she had her younger brother as a guest and he had been riding a motorcycle through India and making leather bags. Anyway, I am coming to really enjoy podcasts and hope you have the time in your busy schedule to allow for a short interruption to listen or watch something that interests you.

Here are a few of my favorites:
Electric Sheep
Wine for Newbies 2.0
Chase Jarvis Photography
The Moth
Stuff You Should Know

If you have a favorite podcast, please advise me.  I am always open for new podcasts.
Have a wonderful week!

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