Monday, December 7, 2009

Little Letters

Dear Starbucks,
Thank you for providing warm coffee and music while I studied for work. The people watching wasn't so bad either.

Dear sofa,
I think I will be ordering you Friday. Could you possibly be on sale or something? Help me out here.

Dear Photoshop Elements 8,
I LOVE you!  I got to do a few tricks yesterday and I love you. Be prepared for more late nights.

Dear friends,
Thanks for the wonderful night out with stories of boogers and laughing. We should do it again. Soon.

Dear exercise,
I have long since given you up, but please come visit every now and then. I might complain, but don't take it personal.

Dear workweek,
I am, as usual, not looking forward to you, so if you could just go easy it would be great. Appreciate it.

Dear kitty,
I love you and your crazy meowing. I promise to bring you in the house again and pet and hold you. How's Wednesday?

Dear CSCP reading,
You are taxing my brain. I am behind and need to catch up. Please help.

1 comment:

  1. i hope the couch is on sale for ya :) and starbucks is so great. i hope you have a good night!