Monday, August 10, 2009

Little Letters

Dear outside sauna,
I did not request that you be on, so whoever turned it on, please press the off button. Many thanks.

Dear shed,
I know I said I would get to you this last weekend, but you are harbouring fugitive wasps and that cannot be allowed. Until you release them I will not be out to clean you.

Dear sofa,
I am glad you are gone even though it means sitting on my deck chairs in the house. I am awaiting your red replacement.

Dear grasshoppers,
You are all freaky looking, but I took pictures of you anyway to show my dad. Don't let it go to your head.

Dear kitty,
I love you so much and it breaks my heart when you sit outside the window and stare in crying. Please stop shedding and you can be an inside kitty again.

Dear crepe myrtle,
You may feel naked right now, but you needed the trim. You can thank us later.

Dear husband,
Thanks for getting all the yard work finished. It looks really awesome!

Dear sams club,
You are dearly loved for coming to town. I tried to visit you every day, but I missed you Sunday because you closed too early. Watch for me today!


  1. RED sofa! what? you got rid of your cute love seat? to the auction? i'm still waiting to see pictures of your finished bookcases in the living room....

  2. Yes, got rid of the loveseat. Getting a red couch from CB2. I will post a pic on my blog.